Skin Care
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  • Super fines & soft anti-bacteria fiber brushes
  • 52,000 pcs fibers which deep cleansing pores, will not hurt your skin
  • One button operation, press one time ON, press second time OFF
  • With base unit, to put the brush on the flat surface
  • Operated by 1 pcs of AAA battery
  • 10,000 vibrations per minute 3D vibration cleaning technology, which can deep into skin pore, completely cleaning the dirt out of the pores & removing cosmetic residues
  • Water resistant grade IPX5
  • Brush head can be replaced
  • Immediate stock, deliver within 3 to 4 days
  • Local supplier warranty for 1 month
  • Elegant, light & portable
  • One-button turn ON/OFF
  • Nano meter extremely fine atomization
  • Superfine mist moisturizes deep inside your skin
  • Suitable to use with drinking water, mineral water, milk, skin toner mixture
  • 30ml large capacity water container
  • Built in emergency power bank for your mobile phone
  • Dazzling LED light
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Micro USB charging
  • Highly reinforced & durability plastic
  • Facial Massage & Deep Cleansing
  • Dual Purpose Face Wash Device
  • Unique Hygienic Antibacterial Material
  • IP7 Waterproof Grade
  • Wireless Rechargeable
  • No brush-heads replacement needed
  • High frequency sonic pulses cleansing